GLHF.GG eSport Sportsbook betting Review


GLHF.GG is a brand new eSports betting platform from the same people that brought you NetRoulette, Dunder, and Guts. Modern design, a focus on live streaming, and more features than you can shake a stick at could make GLHF.GG a major contender in the eSports betting scene. 

Live eSports Betting 

GLHF.GG offers live betting on eSports matches, allowing users to watch live streams as they bet. 

In our initial testing, they were offering live betting on the UCC Summer Smash CS:GO event, and we were able to place bets as we watched along, really immersing ourselves in the action. We’re fans of live betting here at Super eSports Betting, and we give GLHF.GG two thumbs up for this category.

Welcome Offer & Promotions 

We couldn’t find any welcome offers or deposit bonuses during testing, however as with all betting sites, this is likely to change, so check back here later for more on these.

The site has other promotions, though, such as daily raffles for prizes like in-game cosmetic items in CS:GO, League of Legends, and other games.; and gaming accessories like keyboards, mousepads, and headsets. Promotional Raffle tickets are obtained from free loot boxes that players are rewarded with for climbing through the on-site leveling system. The week’s raffles are all listed ahead of time making it one of the easier to understand and more accessible promotions we’ve encountered.

If you have tickets from an on-site loot box, your tickets are automatically entered into the day’s raffle, meaning you don’t need to worry about forgetting to use them in the current promotion. The negative side of that, however, is that if, for example, today’s raffle is for cosmetic items in a game you don’t play, you can’t save your raffle tickets for another day’s promotional raffle.

Payment & Withdrawal 

Dealing with your money is easy with GLHF.GG. All you need to do is click the big, pink “deposit” button and you’re in the payments center. There are four, easy to navigate tabs: Deposit, Withdrawal, History, and Bonuses.

Payment is quick and simple, supporting, Visa, ecoPayz, and Trustly for transactions between €10 and €5000. None of the payment or withdrawal methods have any associated fees tied to them, so you can rest assured that your money is all yours.

The site also features an on-site currency in the form of gold, which can be spent in their shop to get a variety of different rewards. At the cheaper end of the spectrum, you can get on-site avatar cosmetics for between 3.5 and 5k gold. More on him below.

You can get gaming merch like branded backpacks, t-shirts, gaming headsets, keyboards and the like for 30k – 1mil gold. And at the more luxurious end of the spectrum, players “buy” exclusive experiences like coaching from a pro-gamer or eSports championship event tickets. 

It’s important to note that on-site gold is earned, and there isn’t currently a way to buy gold with real money. The gold cannot be used for eSports betting, either, that requires depositing money. 


Where do we even start here? GLHF.GG is wonderfully rich in features, and despite its clear focus on eSports betting, there is a LOT to do on this site.

For starters, each player has an on-site avatar (called Halldór) which can be cosmetically customized. Halldór currently doesn’t serve any real function in terms of eSports betting, however, the company says they’re working on ways to integrate him into user activity.

There’s also an on-site leveling and XP system for users. In your first few hours on the site, this is used to guide you through a features tour which feels very natural. It’s clear that GLHF.GG know how to gamify an experience, and to do it well. As you level up, you get access to loot-boxes which contain things like on-site XP, avatar cosmetics, raffle tickets, etc. 

The site also has a section it calls “Challenges” which is split into three distinct sections. There’s the Match Prediction Challenge, which has users predict a series of match outcomes in a league event, without odds. This doesn’t cost the players a thing, and they can win on-site XP and gold for correct predictions. We liken this to an eSports betting “practice” round of sorts.

There’s also the Battle Royale Quizzes, which happen every evening at a fixed time. The quizzes are all eSports themed, and we saw both a League of Legends quiz and a CS:GO quiz during testing. This is a one-strike kind of quiz, meaning you’re out on your first wrong answer. Everyone on the site plays at the same time, hence the “Battle Royale” title. As with the other challenges, prizes here are on-site XP and gold, with rewards climbing as you get more correct answers.

Finally, there are PvP quizzes. These are short, 7 question quizzes on the most popular eSports and streaming titles. The site matches you up against another random user, and has you face off, head-to-head, to see who can get the most correct answers. 


GLHF.GG offers up reasonable odds, being higher than many of its competitors, but still not top rank. We ran a simple odds comparison test between them and some of their competitors, and have come to the conclusion that GLHF.GG is a fantastic choice for your eSports betting needs.

We compared GLHF.GG to Unikrn and Betway for the UCC Summer Smash match between Russia’s Vega Squadron and Brazil’s  Sharks. We found that GLHFF.GG offered reasonable odds, with a 1.76 for Vega to win, and a 1.95 for Sharks to win, compared to Unikrn’s 1.72 and 2.00, and Betway’s 1.8 and 1.9.

GLHF.GG provided us with decent odds, and we think most eSports betting enthusiasts will be pleased in this respect.

Betting Markets

GLHF.GG offers betting on a wide variety of eSports titles. The games they currently offer eSports betting on are: 

Battle Royale games like Fortnite, PuBG, and Apex Legends, however, seem to be missing. 

GLHF.GG offers live eSports betting, as well as betting ahead of time. However, betting markets are not offered, with the platform allowing users just to bet on match victories.

While we’d like to see markets introduced at some point, we were very happy with the variety of bets available to us, especially with the inclusion of live eSports betting.

Player Safety & Betting Limits 

Security and player safety at GLHF.GG is very good. The site uses SSL digital encryption to ensure that all its customers’ transactions are kept safe. The secure payment and withdrawal options, such as Trustly, add another layer of security for player’s funds and financial details. This means that customers can relax and just focus on the eSports betting experience.

The site is licensed and regulated by the Malta Gaming Authority, with their license number clearly listed in their footer. Licenses issued by the Malta Gaming Authority are, in particular, marks of safety for players, as the operators are held to high standards and are subject to inspection. Many of the largest eSports betting operators are, in fact, licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. While there are plenty of countries that GLHF.GG can operate in, there are also several where they do not operate. A full list of these can be found in their terms and conditions, which are easily accessible from their site footer.

Customer Service 

There are two main ways to get in touch with customer support: a 24/7 live chat and email. In our hours of testing, we didn’t run into any issues (despite the site being in beta form), though it was reassuring to know that help was just a click away if we needed it.

In addition to direct contact, the FAQs page is informative enough that you can likely solve most of your issues there. In all honesty, though, we only headed to that page out of curiosity. The site has been designed to be super user-friendly and self-explanatory.

Look & Feel 

The GLHF.GG website looks and feels sleek and modern. With a color palette of black, purples, pinks, and blues, it’s very 2019 and we’re here for it.

The predominantly dark backgrounds also make the site very night-time friendly. By that, I mean that heading to their site at night in a dark or dimly-lit room will be easy on the eyes. The lack of tacky animations or garish fonts gives the website a clean and organized feel. The simple, minimalistic icons are easy to find when looking for, but aren’t elbowing other things out of the way to dominate your attention.

Everything is very easy to find on GLHF.GG. During our testing, we didn’t experience any moments where we didn’t know how to find what we wanted. Betting, in particular, feels smooth as butter. You’re able to see live betting options, upcoming matches, future matches, as well as the odds for each match.

Between the icons used to indicate which game is being bet on, as well as the indicators for which event is bet on, and how each team is appropriately highlighted, it’s impossible to feel lost.

During our testing, we spent several hours looking at the website and didn’t feel any sort of eye strain or fatigue at all afterward. GLHF.GG has created an online space that’s easy to settle in to, pretty to look at, and won’t have you clicking away until bedtime.


After our rounds of testing, we’ve come to the conclusion that GLHF.GG is definitely one to keep an eye out for. We would love to see betting markets included in the future, but even with that omission, we’d definitely recommend GLHF.GG.

It’s a feature-full experience that is good at what it sets out to do: offer eSports betting.