Bet on Apex Legends Review

EA’s answer to the Fortnite phenomenon. An adult, sci-fi take on the Battle Royale format that is taking the eSports world by storm. This is our Apex Legends review and betting guide

Game Summary

Apex Legends is a free-to-play, sci-fi battle royale title geared towards a more mature audience. Part Overwatch and part Fortnite, this title is heaps of fun to play, thrilling to spectate, and it’s clear to see why it’s one of the fastest eSports titles we’ve ever seen. Set in the world of the popular science-fiction shooter series Titanfall, Apex Legends offers up tons of action, even if the gigantic mechs do happen to be sitting this one out.

Dive in to our Apex Legends overview and betting guide to land on your feet in this new and exciting eSports betting opportunity, which is seeing more and more Professional and Major league tournaments pop up every month.


Similar to other battle royale games like Fortnite and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, players start a match of Apex Legends by skydiving out of an airship and making their first of many difficult decisions: where to land on the expansive, dangerous island? The difference here: players are grouped into squads of three and one person in the group can be the designated landing leader who controls where everyone ends up to avoid accidental split-ups.

Similar to Overwatch, and distinctly different from other battle royale titles. Players choose a hero from the game’s roster to play. Each of the nine characters has unique stats and abilities which suit them to different purposes. Different combinations of characters can lead to wildly different playstyles, which adds a sense of variety to Apex Legends that many feel is missing from other battle royale titles.

20 teams, each composed of trios chosen from the heroes list, then scour the map for weapons, ammo, upgrades and gear, until the storm starts to roll in. Those who are lucky will find that their landing zone happens to be in the eye of the storm and are safe, for a while. Others will have to high-tail it across the map, risking bumping into other teams and finding themselves in the middle of a firefight they may not have been prepared for, trying to escape the deadly storm.

The storm mechanic is one that exists in virtually every battle royale title, and serves to herd players closer and closer together to create opportunities for conflict, with the end-goal being that only one team is left standing to be crowned the winner.

Some players will hit the ground running, immediately going for an aggressive style of play, keeping their eyes on the prize as soon as their virtual feet hit the ground. Some teams will play sneaky, gathering the best gear they can get their hands on, avoiding conflict, until they emerge armed to the teeth and at full-health to try and lay claim to victory. Others still will be able to soak up damage, depleting their foes’ ammo reserves, protected by shields or bolstering their health with healing abilities, with a goal to outlast their opponents as opposed to swiftly and deftly removing them from play.

Visuals & Aesthetics

Apex Legends might be free-to-play, but it certainly doesn’t look it. The game’s visuals are detailed and realistic, and clearly mark it as a product of 2019. It’s available on Microsoft Windows, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.

Sticking to battle royale tradition, the game has a single map: a massive island with different areas. Where Fortnite takes the Disneyland approach to map building, including volcanoes, glaciers, deserts, jungles, forests, towns, cities, and every other sort of terrain found on earth on a single, small island; Apex Legends gives us a much more realistic map. There’s an arid, rocky area along one part of the shoreline, a greener area, and hills and mountains throughout. The Apex Legends map feels like a real place that could exist in the real world.

The game’s playable characters (referred to as “Legends”) are all detailed, and the animations that accompany their abilities are satisfying without being too garish or flashy.

Spectators face the same challenges as in other battle royale titles in that teams are spread far across the map in the early game, but the world of eSports has already found a number of solutions to mitigate that. 

Spectators are treated to a realistic presentation of a science fiction battle royale, tense moments as players are surprised by ambushes from the many nooks, crannies, boulders and hiding spots dotted around the map. And, as with all battle royale games, the end game is an adrenaline-filled whirlwind, generally a grand final battle for the crown.

Top Streamers

Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins is possibly the world’s most prolific streamer. An ex-Halo pro, current Fortnite superstar, and fan of Apex Legends. Ninja sank a lot of hours into Apex Legends when it was first released, and still dips into it for a round or two on his stream when he has time.

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the world’s top Twitch streamers and was one of the first streamers to jump on the Apex Legends bandwagon when it as first released in February 2019. He is an ex-CS:GO pro who now mainly focuses on Battle Royale games like Apex Legends, Fortnite, and PUBG.

Ali ‘Myth’ Kabbani is one of the most famous pro-Fortnite players around, and was also eager to try out the hottest new battle royale game when Apex Legends first launched. He plays for Team Solo Mid, and is one of the young rising stars of eSports and live game streaming.


When it comes to battle royale titles like Apex Legends, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds betting is all about one thing: live eSports betting.

Battle royale titles are so full of action, personality, and fast-decision making that they are perfectly suited to live eSports betting.

Most eSports betting for battle royale games is outrights betting, however more and more operators are beginning to introduce interesting betting markets to their offerings. 

Here are our picks for the top 3 operators for live Apex Legends eSports betting:

Bet365 is one of the longest established online sportsbooks and casinos around. They offer users a fantastic live eSports betting experience (including embedded live streams!), and are one of our top recommended operators for Apex Legends betting. They have great event coverage, though we’d appreciate a wider selection of betting markets.

Arcanebet is one of our most eSports-focused operators, and they cover an extremely wide array of games, tournaments, and betting markets. Live streams are included in their live eSports betting options, and they’ve definitely earned their space in our top picks for Apex Legends betting.

One of our most unique featured operators would definitely have to be Unikrn. Not only do bettors have the opportunity to bet on Pro and Major league eSports events, but they also offer odds betting on live Twitch streams. Your Apex Legends betting isn’t just confined to tournaments with Unikrn, and Apex Legends betting can be done on live streams too.

Our top tips for Apex Legends betting:


We at Super eSports Betting think that live Apex Legends betting is the hottest new thing on the eSports betting scene. We love the more grown up and serious tone, we love the roster of playable ‘Legends’, and it looks like a lot of operators are taking notice too.
Also, with the competitive Apex Legends scene still being in its relative infancy, now is a good time to get in on the live Apex Legends betting game, as you’re likely to become a top bettor as you follow the game through different metas across the years.