Bet on PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Review

Live PUBG betting is one of the most exciting and exhilarating eSports betting experiences out there. Read our PUBG review and betting guide below to get in on the action.

Game Summary

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) has been described as “the Fortnite for adults”. PUBG originally released in 2017 and has remained one of the world’s most popular Battle Royale games ever since, with a growing eSports scene. 

While Fortnite might be the current reigning king of the Battle Royale genre on sites like Twitch and YouTube, PUBG still has a more than sizeable following and much more developed eSports and eSports betting scene.

Read our PUBG review below to find out more about this eSports giant, and our PUBG betting guide to learn more about effective PUBG eSports betting.


Between 60 and 100 players parachute down to an island where they have to scavenge equipment and weapons to take out the competition and remain the last person (or team) standing. A raging storm forces players closer and closer together as the storm’s eye shrinks, forcing players to encounter enemies more and more frequently as the match progresses.

The game has five distinct game modes for players to choose from:

PUBG’s gun mechanics are far more realistic than in most other Battle Royale games, with weapons having true-to-life recoil and distance being a contributing factor to aim. This makes players’ skill a far important factor in PUBG than in many other games of the genre, and bettors are encouraged to do their research on players and their preferred weapon types.

PUBG features four playable maps: Erangel, based on Russia; Miramar, a Central American sand map; Vikendi, an Adriatic snow map; and Sanhok, a Southeast Asian forest map. Each of the maps have their own unique features and quirks, with Vikendi being roughly half the size of the other three maps, forcing players into much tighter quarters and encouraging more aggressive play styles. 

Each map is also subject to a number of weather conditions which may help or hinder players depending on their playstyle. Players who frequently engage in Sniper combat, for example, will be at a severe disadvantage in Sanhok’s dense and leafy environment when fog rolls in, while stealthy, melee playstyles will likely benefit from the cover provided by the vegetation and mist.

RNG (random number generation) is also a factor here, as RNG decides which items spawn in which location, what weather conditions will be played in, and where the initial eye of the storm may be. Even top-tier players who happen to land too far out from the eye of the storm can end up in compromising positions, as escaping the storm will force them out into the open where they become easier targets for other players. Many skilled players, however, use this to their advantage, using the initial mobility phase of the game to take out easy prey, whittle down the number of potential opponents, and add to their kill-count. That is unless they themselves get taken out by someone else employing the same strategy.

This combination of skill and RNG makes PUBG a fantastic eSport for bettors. Live eSports betting takes on a new dimension when bettors need to factor chance into their predictions, while still being able to mostly rely on their eSport-specific knowledge such as player and team stats.

Visuals & Aesthetics

As we said above, PUBG is seen as the Battle Royale game for grownups. While players who get randomly matched into squads might encounter 10 to 12-year-olds in Fortnite, they’re more likely to encounter 18 to 30-year-olds in PUBG, and the visual style of the game is a big factor in why. 

PUBG’s visual style is stark and realistic. When a player gets shot, blood sprays out of their character; when a character dies, their corpse remains strewn on the ground. There’s no bright cartoonishness like Fortnite, or sci-fi aesthetics like in Apex Legends. PUBG gives you a realistic looking avatar, throws them onto a realistic island, and hands them realistic-looking guns.

Vehicles in this game are cars, pickup trucks, and other real-world automobiles. You won’t find gravity-defying hoverbikes or bouncy spheres to crawl inside here. When you get into a vehicle, you hear it’s engine roar to life and can even use it to mow down your opponents once you pick up some speed.

The soundscape in PUBG also adds to the realism. Footsteps sound like real footsteps would, gunshots sound the same way that they do in movies (as that’s what most of us are familiar with), and you can even hear your boots crunch in the snow in Vikendi.

Each map is modeled after realistic landscapes and architectural styles in the regions they’re set in. Parachuting down to an island in PUBG feels like visiting a real-world location. The audiovisual realism of PUBG is one of its core strengths and makes it an extremely entertaining eSport for players and spectators alike.

Top Streamers

Michael ‘Shroud’ Grzesiek is one of the world’s top Twitch streamers and a regular PUBG streamer. He is an ex-CS:GO pro who now mainly focuses on Battle Royale games like PUBG.

Jake ‘ChocoTaco’ Throop is a streamer affiliated with Team SoloMid. He held the North American rank 1 kill rating in PUBG for a number of seasons. He does not form part of TSM’s pro team, but competed in an Apex Legends tournament earlier this year, earning a 2nd place trophy.

Ansi ‘AndyPyro’ Huovinen is a 28-year-old Twitch streamer and pro-gamer from Finland. He streams daily and is Captain of the Method PUBG team. He has competed in events such as the Global Loot League and the PUBG PAN-Continental, and ranked in the top 10 in 60% of the events he competed in during 2018. 


Just like with other Battle Royale titles like Fortnite and Apex Legends, the main name of the game when it comes to PUBG betting is outrights. Battle Royale games include tons of variables which can make it difficult to calculate odds for betting markets.

That, however, shouldn’t dissuade you, as there are a number of eSports betting operators who do indeed provide betting markets for PUBG. As said above, PUBG has the longest standing and most developed eSports scene of the genre, and operators have been quick to respond to the demand for live PUBG betting.

And when it comes to PUBG betting, live betting is where you’re going to find the best action. As we said above, both players’ skill level and RNG are major deciding factors in PUBG, so live PUBG betting can be an exhilarating experience for the experienced bettor.

There are a number of PUBG events held each year for users to bet on. The biggest events to keep an eye out for would be: 

When it comes to choosing an operator for live PUBG betting, look no further. Every operator featured on Super eSports Betting is subjected to our rigorous testing procedure, and a full-length review is published. not only offers outrights and live PUBG betting but also includes live streams of the events you’re betting on. In addition to that, they cover a wide variety of events, as opposed to just the biggest ones, and offer their users an array of betting markets.

Betway offer their users a very beginner-friendly Welcome Offer, and also support live PUBG betting. Betway’s major strength is in the variety of betting markets they offer, even during live PUBG betting; however, they don’t currently live stream the matches on their site.


Live PUBG betting is one of the most exciting and exhilarating eSports betting experiences out there. While we don’t think that live PUBG betting is very suitable for novice or beginner bettors, due to the complexity of having to take into account players’ skills and RNG at the same time, we definitely think that even bettors with a little experience are going to be hard pressed to find an experience more fun than this.