Bet on Rocket League Review

Rocket powered cars launching themselves into the air and driving up walls to shoot gigantic soccer balls into nets, which then explode into a dazzling array of sound and color, all wrapped in a neon package. Rocket League is just as over the top as it sounds, it’s a completely unique experience with a thriving eSports scene.

Game Summary

Rocket powered cars launching themselves into the air and driving up walls to shoot gigantic soccer balls into nets, which then explode into a dazzling array of sound and color, all wrapped in a neon package. Rocket League is just as over the top as it sounds, it’s a completely unique experience with a thriving eSports scene, and Rocket League live betting is doing just as well.


Rocket League, available on XBox One, PS4, PC, Mac OS, Linux, and Nintendo Switch, is a soccer game played in rocket-powered cars. It’s what would happen if a Fifa game and a Gran Turismo game were set up on a blind date that happened to go really well.

By its very nature, Rocket League is a competitive game, making its success as an eSports title entirely unsurprising. While it wasn’t originally designed with eSports in mind, it might as well have been. 

Players are, of course, split into two teams in each Rocket League match, with up to four players on each team. Reducing this from soccer’s typical 11-a-side format means that each player ends up having all the space they need to build up momentum and make the kind of plays that only Rocket League makes possible. 

Players can do acrobatic moves in the air, such as flipping and spinning, to help with shooting. Rocket-powered boosts can be used to ram into other players’ cars and destroy them, causing them to respawn a few moments after being destroyed. This opens up the possibilities for a variety of different playstyles. For example, mounting a defense could involve blowing your opponents up, deftly taking position of the gigantic ball through dextrous driving, or using acrobatic flips and spins to deflect a shot clear across the field.

The obvious objective here is to score more goals than the opposing team, and each goal culminates in a massive explosion from the goal post. This could be neon smoke and lights, a roaring T-rex made of flames, a dabbing Grim reaper, or any one of the dozens of goal animations available in the game.

Rocket League’s most defining feature, though, is how physics (and gravity in particular) don’t work exactly as they would in the real world. By building up enough momentum, players can zip along the walls of the match stadium, or even turn the drama all the way up to 11 and drive across the ceiling to then drop down and mount a surprise offense or defense.

Matches are split into rounds of five minutes, with the first team to get to either two, three, or four winning rounds winning the match. This means that Rocket League matches typically last 30 to 40 minutes. Long enough to keep spectators and bettors interested, but not long enough to become repetitive or boring. 

Visuals & Aesthetics

Rocket League is a neon wonderland of a game. A big part of what makes Rocket League so fun to watch is how bright, colorful, and fast everything on the screen is.

The neon theme extends to menus, to boost trails, to goal explosions and beyond. While bright, colorful games have become the norm today, when Rocket League first came out in 2015, gaming was only just beginning to come out of a dark and gloomy phase. Rocket League was almost a pioneer in its use of light and color to communicate its fun factor.

The game is playable up to 4K on PS4 Pro, XBox One X, and desktop platforms, though is limited to 1080p on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, and XBox One.

Top Streamers

Mariano ‘SquishyMuffinz’ Arruda is a young, Canadian Rocket League pro who currently plays for Cloud9’s Rocket League team. He’s a highly decorated Rocket League pro who has led both Cloud9 and his previous team The Muffin Men to victory time and time again and can be found live streaming on Twitch almost every day.

Cameron ‘Kronovi’ Bills has been playing Rocket League professionally since 2015, and is currently on team Rogue. He streams his Rocket League practice drills and plays on Twitch almost every day, and is considered to be one Rocket League’s top-tier players.

Dillon ‘Rizzo’ Rizzo is a member of team G2 Esports’ Rocket League team, and has been playing Rocket League professionally since 2015. He is a full time gamer, streaming almost daily, and competing in pro events.


The game is most famous for its online multiplayer modes, but also includes a training mode and an offline mode for those who want to get a feel for the game without getting competitive themselves. We recommend that bettors try out these modes themselves to get a sense of how the game flows and what kind of maneuvers they can expect to see from the players they bet on.

Rocket League is perfect for bettors who have a history of sportsbook betting, but are new to eSports betting, as the game draws heavily from soccer. Where it differs from soccer is that matches are a lot faster, and the game is much faster paced (because it’s rocket powered cars).

Another thing that makes live Rocket League betting so suitable for those who are new to eSports betting is that Rocket League doesn’t really have any random variables to think of. While games like Fortnite and League of Legends include a generous dose of random number generation, when it comes to Rocket League player skill is the only thing that really affects match outcomes.

Of course, we recommend that very green bettors stick to outrights at first, though Rocket League betting can present some really interesting betting markets. Markets like first goal, most goal, most player eliminations, time spent in the air, and many more make live Rocket League betting absolutely thrilling. 

As every experienced bettor knows, doing your research is paramount. We recommend that live Rocket League betting experiences happen after doing research into the teams and players that you’re going to be betting on.

Also, just like Counter Strike: Global Offensive has different maps, Rocket League gives players different arenas to play in. While this has much less of an impact on the game than it does in games like CS:GO, the switching up of spawn points, boost positions, and designs do alter gameplay slightly, and players tend to have their favorites.

As with most eSports, we really do recommend that people go for live betting when it comes to Rocket League. When a game is as captivatingly fast and thrilling as this, you really want to jump right into the action and place lightning-quick bets in response to what’s going on in the match. 

To help you out, we’ve identified two of our top operators for live Rocket League betting: not only offers live betting, but also has matches’ live streams embedded on their site, meaning you can watch and bet all in the same browser tab. offer their users decent odds, and are one of the only operators to have been created specifically for eSports betting.

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We at Super eSport Betting give Rocket League two thumbs up. The live Rocket League betting experience is entirely unique, and we can’t get enough of it.