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International eSports Betting

Your region-by-region look at eSports betting

Here at Super eSport Betting we believe that every person should be able to spend their hard-earned money exactly how they want to, and as massive fans of eSports betting ourselves, we definitely believe everyone should be able to get in on some exciting lice eSports betting action. In the world of betting, however, geography plays a pretty big role. Different governments, licenses, and jurisdictions limit which operators can operate in which markets, so not every single operator is available in every region.

People who want to participate in eSports betting need to first find out which operators are actually permitted to operate in the region they’re in. 

Sports betting (and by extension, eSports betting) is often portrayed as an immoral act, especially when put side-by-side with similar forms of gambling like playing poker or buying lottery tickets. Of course, there’s absolutely nothing “bad” or immoral about sports betting at all, and millions of people all over the world find sports betting to be an exciting way to tap into the energy and enthusiasm of competitive events like traditional sports and eSports.

Sports betting is, first and foremost, entertainment. No one thinks twice about a group of guys getting together and spending a few hundred dollars on tickets to a hockey game; however, if those same guys were to spend that same money on getting together at one guy’s house and betting on the outcome of the game, both government and society see it as suddenly different.

Unfortunately, while we believe that people should be free to spend their time and money the way they want to, we’re not the ones who get to make that decision. What we can do, however, is give our readers comprehensive regional guides so that you don’t have to do any of the hard work that comes with finding a good betting operator in your region. 

Below is a list of all of our regional guides, all you need to do is find your country or region, and click on “read more.”

Regional eSports Betting Profiles:

Australia eSports Betting

Australians are lucky in that they have a relatively wide selection of operators to choose from. eSports itself is also growing rapidly in the land down under, with fans rallying for bigger and better Asutralasian events each year. Australia has major leagues for Counter Strike: Global Offensive, League of Legends, Call of Duty, Overwatch, Halo 5, and Rocket League. Australian eAthletes are poised and ready to start making some big waves in the global eSports scene.

Brazil eSports Betting

The passion that typifies Brazil and its people is definitely felt in its eSports scene. From the fans, the commentators, the live streamers, and the pro gamers, it’s clear to see that Brazil has some very strong feelings about their eSports scene, which is a scene that continues to show growth year on year. There are several Latin American leagues for eSports’ biggest and most popular titles like counter Strike: Global Offensive, Dota 2, League of Legends, and many more. 

Canada eSports Betting

Canada’s proximity to the US has led to Canada being swept up in eSports fever, and Canada’s eAthletes regularly participate in the world’s biggest and best eSports leagues, tournaments, and events. Luckily for Canadian fans, Canada has access to a wide array of betting operators and can bet on all their favorite games like League of Legends, Overwatch, Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and Dota 2 from both their computers and their mobile devices.

China eSports Betting

China is one of the most involved countries when it comes to eSports. Games and gambling are both integral parts of Chinese culture, so it comes as no surprise that many Chinese eSports fans also love eSports betting. Continue reading to find out more about China’s gambling laws, which operators are available to Chinese bettors, and the country’s eSports scene.

Denmark eSports Betting

Denmark is a powerhouse in the European eSports scene, and regularly churns out top eAthletes that are recruited by teams all over the world. Denmark is also home to a widely successful online betting industry. Continue reading our region profile for Denmark to find out more about Danish gambling laws, the top operators to offer betting in Denmark, and the top leagues in Denmark.

Finland eSports Betting

Finland is known across the world for being a forward-thinking and open-minded society, and it’s in no small part due to this that we’re seeing eSports flourish in Finland. In Finland, professional gaming is widely accepted as a mainstream career choice. The normalisation of eSports has also led to a busy and thriving eSports betting scene in Finland. Continue reading to find out which operators offer Finnish bettors the best experiences.

Germany eSports Betting

Germany was actually a pioneer country for eSports, and remains one of eSports’ global hotspots. Some of the largest and most widely known eSports tournaments trace their roots to Germany, and some still take place there. Germany has a continuously growing number of casual and professional gamers and this has lead eSports Betting to take of too. Continue reading our Germany region profile to find out which operators will give you the best bang for your buck.

India eSports Betting

With Internet connectivity and infrastructure improving continuously in India, the nation as seen a massive rise in eSports enthusiasm and engagement. Premium internet cafes allowing access to higher-end gaming PCs and passionate grassroots eSports organisation is taking the country by storm. While eSports may be newer to India than some other nations, the players, fans, and bettors are pushing the scene further than anyone had expected. Read more to find out which operators offer the best India eSports Betting experiences.

Malaysia eSports Betting

Malaysia may not be the first country that comes to mind when you think of eSports, but the nation of 32 million hosts some of Southeast Asia’s best and biggest eSports Tournaments. In addition, the combination of both government and private investment spells out a bright future for Malaysian eSports enthusiasts. Read more to find out which betting sites offer the best deals for Malaysian bettors.

Netherlands eSports Betting

The Netherlands enforces strict legislation on gambling, which can make it a little difficult for bettors to find eSports betting operators that are licensed to work in the region. This is despite the phenomenal growth in the Dutch eSports scene from players, fans, and bettors. Continue reading to get the inside scoop on who the best operators for the Dutch eSports betting market are.

New Zealand eSports Betting

While New Zealand isn’t the international leader of eSports, the local eSports scene has seen decent growth in recent years. Gambling, however, is very popular in the Land of the Long White Cloud, and Kiwi bettors generally have a decent choice of operators. Keep reading to find out which operators we think give Kiwi eSports betting enthusiasts the best bang for their buck.

Norway eSports Betting

eSports enjoy a lot of popularity in Norway, as does eSports betting and gambling in general. Norway, however, enforces a number of laws and regulations on their betting market, limiting the choice of operators for Norwegian eSports betting enthusiasts. Read our country profile to take a look at which operators top the charts in Norway.

Philippines eSports Betting

The Philippines are a fantastic place to be an eSports enthusiast. Following the success of the Dota 2 tournaments Manilla Major and the ESL One Manilla in 2016, eSports has gained government recognition and support, as well as support from the public. Take a look at our country profile for more info.

Singapore eSports Betting

Singapore is world renowned for being a beacon of progress and innovation in Southeast Asia, and is home to Southeast Asia’s fastest-growing eSports scene. Continue reading our Singapore country profile to see where you can bet on all the biggest eSports hits with your Singapore dollars.

Sweden eSport Betting

Sweden has produced some of the biggest names in gaming and in eSports, and is home to a growing number of eSports fans. With so many of the biggest names in eSports hailing from Sweden, it’s no surprise that eSports betting is widely popular there. Anyone living in Sweden who would like to start eSports betting should read our country profile for a detailed guide on how to choose one of our trusted operators.

Turkey eSports Betting

Take a look at our Turkey region profile to find out which online bookmakers operate in Turkey, and which of those are the best. In addition to this, find out more about the local Turkish eSports scene as well as which games are most popular in Turkey.

United Kingdom eSports Betting

The United Kingdom has been a fantastic region for eSports in recent years, and is considered to be one of the top contributors to the current and continuing success of eSports. With Electronic Sports League UK events sold out year after year, it doesn’t look like the UK is going to stop being an eSports hub anytime soon. The United Kingdom does, unfortunately, enforce a number of very strict laws and regulations on gambling within its territories however. Read our region profile for the low down on the best and most trusted operators that offer eSports betting in the United Kingdom.

United States eSports Betting

When it comes to eSports, the United States of America is, hands down, the most popular and profitable region in the world, in addition to being the second largest video games market in the world. The United States is possibly the biggest producer of top-tier eAthletes, and many of the world’s largest eSports tournaments and leagues take place there throughout the year. eSports betting, however, is a little tricky, as the US has some strange and specific laws about online gambling. Keep reading our United States of America country profile to find out which eSports betting operators are the best choices for your hard earned dollar.

Legal and regulated markets

Many countries throughout Europe fully regulate the online betting industry. This means that operators are required to meet certain criteria in order to qualify to receive licenses to operate in those countries. Some of these countries, such as Malta, issue licenses which enable eSports betting operators to offer their services in multiple countries.

Operators obviously need to pay certain taxes and fees each year as license holders, meaning they contribute positively to the economy of any country they operate in, as well as creating jobs in those markets. A far cry from the “evil” image that betting is sometimes attributed.

More importantly, these licenses ensure that bettors are safe and secure when using the sites, and that bettors have the legal recourse to demand compensation in the event that they are wronged by a betting operator. It’s for this reason that we at Super eSport Betting only recommend betting operators who are in possession of betting licenses. 

The security that these licenses ensures makes payment processing much easier, as credit card companies, e-wallets, and banks are afforded a legal climate in which to operate. Many operators featured on Super eSports Betting allow their users to use their Visa, MasterCard, and Paypal as payment options.