Dr Disrespect


Guy ‘DrDisrespect’ Beahm is unique in that he always streams as a character, as opposed to the majority of streamers who are mostly just being themselves. 

Guy Beahm and Dr Disrespect are entirely different people, with Dr Disrespect being a character based on toxic male gamer stereotypes. This parodying of toxic gamers is Dr Disrespect’s key to success, and he does it so well. ESPN described him as “a WWE character in the competitive gaming world”.


Dr Disrespect started his career as an internet personality all the way back in January 2010, when he began posting clips to YouTube of him and his college roommates playing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2.

He was eventually picked up by the hugely popular gaming channel Machinima and featured in a number of their videos in his Dr Disrespect character. Beahm then took a hiatus from creating content in late 2011, and spent over four years out of the public eye.

Beahm left Machinima and YouTube in order to take a job at Sledgehammer Games, known for creating the Call of Duty games he loved so much. He started as their community manager, and was eventually promoted to level designer. While at Sledgehammer Games he helped create many of the multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.

While working at Sledgehammer Games, Beahm joined what was then called Justin.tv. This was the site which eventually became Twitch, and where the Dr Disrespect character was resurrected. Beahm then quit Sledgehammer Games in 2015 to become a full-time streamer. 

Dr Disrespect found the perfect genre for his character: battle royale games. He started off playing zombie-survival battle royale title H1Z1, much like Tfue and Ninja. It was here that his channel entered its first period of significant growth, and Dr Disrespect started growing in popularity.

It was PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds that really catapulted him to Twitch star status, however. The mood and tone of the game fit perfectly with his on-screen persona, and he was able to pull off truly difficult shots and kill-counts on the regular.

Tournament Rankings 

In addition to his character work, another unique fact about Dr Disrespect is that he is one of the only stars of live stream gaming who has never been a competitive gamer. Dr Disrespect has, to public knowledge, never participated in a competitive gaming tournament. The vast majority of Twitch stars are either competitive pros, or used to be. 

This combined with the Dr Disrespect character characterize Dr Disrespect as an internet personality or online entertainer, rather than as a pro gamer, despite his top-tier level skills as a gamer.


Dr Disrespect is estimated to have a net worth of around $3.5 million, with revenue coming in from multiple sources.

His Twitch subscribers earn him a minimum of $50,000 a month (or $600,000 a year), though this could possibly he higher, as Twitch sometimes offers very popular streamers better revenue sharing deals on subscribers. We also estimate that his Twitch ad revenue income is likely to be around $15,000 a month (or $180,000 a year).

Twitch streamers can also earn money from Cheers and direct donations. While there is no way of us knowing exactly how much he earns without him disclosing that, we can come up with an estimate based on averages. Dr. Disrespect generally streams to audiences of around 20,000, for around 8 hours a day. A conservative average would put him at around $25,000 a month, or $300,000 a year.

Dr Disrespect also runs a successful YouTube channel, where he earns somewhere between $2 and $5 per 1000 monetized views, with monetized views usually ranging between 40-60% of total views. He generally accumulates around 90,000 views a day, which would estimate around $160 a day in YouTube ad revenue (or $60,000 a year).

Games & Betting

Dr Disrespect is best known for his time spent streaming PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the battle royale title which is available on PC, console, and mobile platforms alike. PUBG is a battle royale title with more stark and realistic visual aesthetics, as well as more true-to-life game mechanics such as gun recoil.

He has also spent very large amounts of time playing some other games, such as Fortnite, the world’s #1 most popular battle royale game which is much lighter in tone than PUBG. While PUBG is beige and gritty, Fortnite is a neon wonderland of explosions and headshots, and has a unique building mechanic that really sets apart its gameplay from the competition.

For those who love to play, spectate, or bet on battle royale titles but want more of a sci-fi vibe, the obvious choice would be Apex Legends, a newcomer to the scene but one which already has a fast-growing eSports scene. Set in the Titanfall universe, Apex Legends provides players and spectators alike with a sci-fi brawler that’s geared towards adults. 

When it comes to the battle royale genre, don’t limit yourself to just betting on pro tournaments, though.Consider taking a look at Unikrn, an operator that provides odds betting on Twitch streams, as well as Gimbl, and upcoming platform that will allow you to set challenges to streamers and to place mutual bets on their performance.