Jaryd ‘Summit1G’ Lazar is considered to be a methuselah in the streaming world, as he’s been streaming since 2011, and became a full-time Twitch streamer in 2012.

Summit1G is one of the old-guard of Twitch, he’s built a career based on his magnetic personality, his relatable way of looking at the world and not taking games too seriously, and his real and understandable reactions to victory and loss.


Summit1G cut his teeth on the reigning ruler of eSports: Counter Strike: Global Offensive. Other top streamers like Shroud point to Summit1G as being their inspiration that lead them to pursue careers as gamers themselves.

In the early days of his career Summit1G spent a lot of time playing Counter Strike: Global Offensive, but also managed to build a following while balancing other games too. He would play things like Infestation: Survivor Stories (previously known as War Z) and Rust.

Eventually, Summit1G decided that he wanted to try and play Counter Strike: Global Offensive professionally, and started preparing to compete in tournaments. This led to a boost in his Twitch viewership and subscribers, as he was doing the same thing most of his viewers were: actively trying to get better at a game by practicing. The only difference was that he was doing it while live streaming. 

He eventually joined team Area 51 in 2015, only to achieve moderate to middling results. He bounced between a few different teams from the end of 2015 to the beginning of 2017, when he landed in team Mythic, which consisted entirely of large streamers. 

In 2016 Summit1G left his immortal mark on professional Counter Strike: Global Offensive during the DreamHack Open in Austin. Summit1G was subbing for a member of the Splyce team and were facing Counter Logic Gaming. Summit1G, as the sole surviving member of his team for the round, gunned down an enemy at the end of a round, leaving only one more enemy team member to take down. As he celebrated his kill, he walked into the flames created by his own molotov cocktail just moments earlier and died, losing the round for the team. The internet, of course, leaped on this, and “doing a summit” became a meme.

Despite his very public gaffe with Splyce, team Mythic is where Summit1G achieved the most success in his career as a competitive pro-gamer, with the team consistently ranking in events. 

Since 2017, however, Summit1G is officially retired from competitive play, and focuses just on streaming. He has spent most of his time since then playing PlayerUnknown’s Battelgrounds, GTA V, Sea of Thieves, Apex Legends, and World of Warcraft, and Counter Strike: Global Offensive doesn’t feature on his stream very regularly anymore.

Tournament Rankings 

Summit1G’s competitive career was, for the most part, unremarkable. He never did badly, except for the time that he accidentally killed himself at DreamHack, but he earned less than $4,000 in prize money between 2013 and the end of 2017. 


It’s estimated that Summit1G’s net worth is in the region of $7.5 million.

At the time of writing Summit1G has just over 19,000 subscribers on Twitch. Subscribers pay $4.99 a month to twitch, with $2.50 of that money going to the streamer. This would add up to $47,500 a month in income from subscribers, or $570,000 a year. Keep in mind, though, that subscriber numbers rise and fall all the time, and there have been instances where Summit1G has had over 50,000 subscribers.

In addition to that income, it’s estimated that Summit1G earns a similar amount in advertising revenue from Twitch each month. Another way that content creators earn money on Twitch is through Cheers (animated chat emotes that people need to pay to use) and direct donations. Summit1G has a reputation for drawing in more donations than the average streamer, sometimes earning thousands of dollars each day.

Summit1G has also been running a successful YouTube channel since 2013, and his channel currently has just under 600,000 subscribers. Content creators on YouTube earn money from advertising revenue. Summit1G’s YouTube channel averages around 10,000 views per day, which a conservative estimate would place as him earning somewhere around $500 a month. While this might not sound like much when compared with his Twitch income, remember that these are conservative estimates based on averages, and only Summit1G and his team know the real figures.

Games & Betting

The game that shot Summit1G to fame was the one and only Counter Strike: Global Offense. Summit1G spent years pulling off insane headshots, multi-kill maneuvers, and teaching his followers how to get better at the game themselves.

Counter Strike: Global Offensive is a multiplayer first-person shooter that splits ten players into two teams. One team plays the role of terrorists, the other plays the role of counter-terrorists, and the teams switch roles over the multiple rounds that constitute a match. CS:GO has one of the most developed eSports scenes in the world to date, and some argue that it’s also the game that served as the motivating force behind the creation of regularised and legal eSports betting in general. Click here to read our Counter Strike: Global Offensive game overview and betting guide to help you make the right choices when it comes to CS:GO betting.

The next big hit for Summit1G was the famous PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, the game that really put the battle royale genre on the map and laid the foundations for Fortnite. His skills with a sight and a scope transferred over seamlessly, and his streams definitely helped the game achieve the popularity it still enjoys to this day. Head here to take a look at our detailed game overview and get the inside scoop with our betting guide.

Summit1G also made a pretty big splash with another battle royale game in the Spring of 2019, when he jumped on the launch of Apex Legends. Yet again, Summit1G’s skill with a sight and a scope had him pulling off crazy stunts, taking down entire teams faster than his audience could register what was going on. Take a look at our Apex Legends overview and betting guide to find out how you can maximise your betting potential.
In recent times, though, Summit1G has switched things up and has spent a lot of time streaming the iconic MMORPG World of Warcraft. His fans, despite the major change in genre, love these streams, as the game’s different pace gives Summit1G more opportunities to interact with his fans and open up about his own life. World of Warcraft, despite being on the market so long, is only seeing a surge in eSports betting in recent years. Head to our World of Warcraft overview and betting guide to get a free 101 in how the game’s eSports scene works and how to level up your betting skills.