If Ninja is known for his ‘cool guy’ demeanor, Tyler1 for his ‘toxicity’, and TFue for his ‘high level play’, Timothy ‘TimTheTatMan’ Betar is known for being the ‘good guy’ of live stream gaming. Together with his friends Ninja and DrLupo, TimTheTatman is one of Twitch’s most prolific streamers.

TimTheTatMan is unique in the live stream gaming space in that his audience, unlike many others, isn’t based on him streaming any one game. While some other streamers live in fear of the day their chosen game becomes passé, TimTheTatman has steamed tons of games, and spends a lot of time just talking to and entertaining his audience.


TimTheTatMan has been streaming on Twitch since 2012. He currently has over 3.75 million followers and over 31 thousand subscribers.He’s categorized himself in the ‘Just Chatting’ area of Twitch, and spends as much time talking to his followers as he does gaming. 

He started off streaming Call of Duty: Black Ops II, and quickly became known for his effervescent personality and wacky skits. He would play with his followers regularly, no matter how big or small their own followings were. He didn’t blow up overnight, and experienced steady, stable growth from the get-go. TimTheTatMan was streaming to over 6,000 viewers at a time by August 2015, and his YouTube page showed similar growth.

In 2016 Tim made the first big change, switching from Call of Duty to Overwatch. People expected his viewers, followers, and subscribers to jump ship when switching to a game that was so incredibly different. By 2017, he was streaming to an average of 14,000 concurrent viewers.

He was one of Overwatch’s most popular streamers, often teaming up with big names like XQC and Seagull. Tim eventually ended up being ranked as an Overwatch GrandMaster, the highest player ranking possible. Tim found himself getting bored with the game, though, and soon found Fortnite.

Fortnite was the perfect game for a personality-streamer like Tim, and this was where he also found Ninja and DrLupo. The three rose to become the most popular names in live stream gaming, between April and May 2018 his average viewer count jumped from 15,000 to 21,000.

Tim isn’t known for his high-level play in Fortnite, and that somehow became one of the secrets of his success. While he’s capable of high-level maneuvers, he’s also one of the only streamers to be more likely to be defeated by fall damage than another player. He also streams games like Apex Legends, GTA V, and World of Warcraft. 

He has also become the face of the NFL’s Thursday Night Football Twitch broadcast, being one of the first live streaming gamers to also become successful in non-gaming related media. He even live streamed the gender reveal for his and his wife’s first child. 

TimTheTatMan is bigger than any of the games he chooses to play. Tim is more than just a gamer, he’s a truly magnetic entertainer.


TimTheTatMan has an estimated net worth of $6.5 million at the time of writing. Between his Twitch ad-revenue and Twitch subscribers alone, TimTheTatMan is estimated to be earning around $100,000 a month. 

That figure doesn’t include any of his YouTube earnings (which can be affected by so many variables that it’s almost impossible to estimate without his user dashboard metrics), his sponsorship deals with Monster Energy, Audio Technica, Cyperpower PC, Razer, and the NFL.

While he might not be pulling in Ninja levels of cash, TimTheTatMan is clearly one of live stream gaming’s most successful influencers.

Games & Betting

TimTheTatMan doesn’t compete in Pro Tournaments or play for a team, though his name has become synonymous with some of the biggest games in eSports.

As we said above, he started out as a Call of Duty streamer. While Call of Duty eSports betting isn’t as popular as CS:GO betting, there are a number of operators who offer betting on Call of Duty Pro events, including Betway, Bet365, and DraftKings.

As far as the game Tim is most skilled in, that would have to be Overwatch. Overwatch has been a growing name in eSports these past few years, with lots of operators offering betting on Blizzard’s first-person-shooter. Operators we’d recommend include GG.bet, Arcanebet, and Buff.bet.
Tim’s current game of choice, Fortnite, still has a very young eSports scene. We’d recommend Bet365 and Mr. Green for pro events, with Unikrn offering betting for both pro events and live streams.